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When you develop a concept for a website it's difficult to know how it's going to work until you try it out. Thus, I tried out my idea for a blog devoted to role-playing games, and I had a blast doing so. As I've grown more involved in the gaming community, however, I've realized there are a number of sites out there providing a similar service (RPG news and commentary).
My goal in creating a project is to provide something which is not currently provided elsewhere. RPG Blog hasn't been able to achieve that goal. Also, by its nature (being mainly a news site) it needs to be very current in order to have relevance and keep up with the big news aggregators. I'm at university and working part time and have found that this type of blog is taking up more time than I have to spare.

In the last week, as all's been running fallow here, I've been working hard on making my new project available. It's a site called Gamerpunch, and its aim is to make gaming better with tips, hacks, how tos, useful resources, and so on. That is where I will be blogging from now on and I hope to see some of you over there :).

If you want to keep track of RPG and MMORPG news, here are some sites which have helped me immeasurably in creating RPG Blog:

Worthplaying - the best gaming news source
RPG Watch - RPG news site
RPG Dot - RPG news site
MMORPG Dot - MMORPG news site

With those four sites working in tandem you will have your finger firmly on the pulse of the role-playing games industry.

Thanks again and see you around!

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New BioShock developer diary

New gameplay footage coupled with tid bits of developer wisdom.

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Eternal Sonata: new trailer

The above trailer is from the second part of the game's prologue. You can watch the first part, too, though it's described as such:
Flower petals getting carried away by the gentle breeze highlight this conversation between Polka and Chopin (in Japanese).
The video above showcases the game's detailed rendering of interior spaces and a little more about the game's unique premise: it takes place within Chopin's dreams as he lies on his deathbed.

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Mass Effect: Xbox 360 faceplate

Via Xbox Collector comes a pic of this rare Mass Effect faceplate for the Xbox 360. It's being auctioned on eBay for the big bucks.

It's interesting that the two upcoming RPGs receiving the most hype at the moment are Fallout 3 and Mass Effect: both sci-fi titles. I'd argue that BioShock, if you include that, is science fiction too. Coincidence? Trend?

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Mass Effect: 12 new screens

Worthplaying has 12 new screens of Mass Effect. If we needed further proof that the character models are kick ass, we've got it. The screens also showcase combat, world environments, and a bar scene.

But damn... those character models, eh?

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Hellgate: London: 23 new screens

Worthplaying has 23 new screens of FPS/RPG Hellgate: London. It looks sort of like the latest version of DOOM with character stats and levels. If you like shooters, that certainly isn't a bad thing.

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Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn trailer

EA Mythic's face-lift of Ultima Online promises to feature advanced visuals and all new content. What about an all new game, eh?

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Fallout 3: Game Informer scans and transcript

With people hungry for detail on Fallout 3, it's no surprise that the information in the July issue of Game Informer has popped up on the web. NMA Fallout has scans and a transcript, but if you're able, I suggest you buy the magazine and tip your hat (and your wallet/purse) to Game Informer for securing this exclusive.

  • The game will retain the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attribute system, perks and traits.
  • The game's view point will be first person or over the shoulder 3rd person, not unlike Resident Evil 4.
  • Combat will be real-time or simulated turn-based, with the ability to expend action points to pause the game and target enemies.
  • Your character will deal out (and take) locational damage, with the potential for bones to break.
  • The karma system will make its return.
  • The game is set in Washington DC and its surrounding areas.
  • You will be able to tune into a number of surviving radio stations via your Pip-Boy 3000.
  • Computers can be hacked.
The author of the article had this to say about his impressions of the game:
As longtime players and fans of both Fallout and the Elder Scrolls franchise, that one hour as we sat in rapt attention made one thing abundantly clear: This is the best of both of those franchises, without any compromises, and with enough amazing new details to excite even the most jaded or skeptical RPG enthusiast.
What do you think of the game as it looks so far?

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RPG News Bullets

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MMORPG News Bullets

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Warhammer 200k: huge response to beta

EA Mythic
has proudly reported that over 200,000 players are signed up to the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning closed beta. Missed the boat? Snag a spot while you can. Though Warhammer is a tabletop strategy game its online iteration will a be a persistent-world RPG. [Via Joystiq]

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Chocobo's Dungeon: first trailer

It always bothers me when I see a console virtually devoid of RPG love. That's why this Japanese trailer for Chocobo's Dungeon on the Wii warms my heart.

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Gamecrafts: Hellgate Jeep

This Hellgate: London jeep joins a rather less threatening group of Hellgate VW Caddies dedicated to promoting the game by functioning as moving billboards. Not sure how many eye balls are going to pass over the vehicle while it sits out in the desert, though. So far, the fleet consists of hatchbacks, VW Caddies and now the Jeep. What next?

[Hellgate: London fleet adds Jeep via Kotaku]

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The Agency top-secret pre-beta sign up

Or not so top-secret anymore, considering that details of how to unlock The Agency pre-beta sign-up screen are all over the place.

Head to The Agency official site, click on the banner that says "Enter the Flash Site" and wait for it to load. When you see the logo in the top right-hand corner of the screen, click on the black bullet in the logo to leave your details and be notified about the beta.

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New Zelda: Phantom Hourglass trailers

The news that The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for the DS would be completely stylus controlled had some gamers skeptical. Just in time to allay their fears comes several new gameplay movies showcasing the game's controls in action. You can view combat controls (above), boomerang controls and exploration controls at

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Top Ten most influential roleplaying games of our time

columnist Ure "Vader" Paul offers his ten most influential RPGs of all time. This is his list:

10. Fable
09. Final Fantasy Series
08. Baldur's Gate Series
07. Planescape: Torment
06. Fallout
05. Ultima series
04. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
03. Diablo
02. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
01. World of WarCraft

You can read his reasoning here. I've got to say, I'm really puzzled by the addition of Fable over, say, System Shock 2 or Deus Ex. I think System Shock 2 is probably more deserving of a place as 'influential' because working through the game at the moment I can see the many ways Deus Ex was inspired by SS2. I also think the Final Fantasy series is too low on the list. JRPGs are a huge market and it's hard to find a JRPG title not directly influenced by the Final Fantasy franchise.

What would your list be?

[Top Ten Most Influential RPGs of Our Time via ActionTrip]

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RPG News Bullets

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MMORPG News Bullets

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