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Via GameSetWatch comes a link to this interesting project: Blogging Ultima, in which gamer Ophidian Dragon "blogs his way through the entire Ultima series, from beginning to end." He's currently working through Ultima VII. Here's an excerpt from the project's introduction:
Welcome to what will presumably be a long-running Ultima blog. The purpose is to blog the experience of playing the now-defunct Ultima series by Origin Systems (plus a few other names here and there) from beginning to end. I will be including all the non-remake spin-offs that I am aware of, under the theory of "If I'm gonna do it, might as well go all the way." I am not blogging as if I am a character in the game, or giving reviews. I'm going to write about the process of playing, the annoying things, the fun things, and the assorted mental musings that arise from any long-term activity.
Anyone who's played an Ultima game will get a kick out of Ophidian Dragon's observations. Those who haven't will probably come away wanting to experience these titles for themselves - all of which are pieces of role-playing games history.

The format could probably by applied similarly to any other series of games, or perhaps not restricted to a particular series, but simply what the blogger is playing at the moment, and their reactions to it. Let me know if you get something started and I'll add a link on the site.

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