Fallout 3: last teaser art revealed, expect [spoiler] trailer [/spoiler] next week

Feast your eyes, folks, on the last piece of teaser art for Fallout 3. It seems as if there's this unspoken rule in the world that all post-apocalyptic imagery must feature a juxtaposition of ruined iconic landmarks with urban desolation. But hey, I'm not complaining - I like it.

You may have noticed that the bottom left-hand corner of F3's official site reads TEASER: 06. Our wild speculation as to what this cryptic phrase could mean has been mercifully cut short by Bethesda's VP of Public Relations and Marketing, Pete Hines. He's dropped a bombshell on several gaming media outlets, revealing that in six days, when the TEASER count-down reaches zero, a trailer for the game will appear on the site.

Thank you, Pete. Now our minds can be free of the torturous puzzle that has plagued us: plagued us ever since the site began its mysterious count-down to an unknown future.

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