Forget Wii. Here's a truly wee role-playing game

Sean Howard has been receiving a lot of (deserved) attention for his Three Hundred project, in which he aims to write up 300 original game mechanics in 300 days.

Today's mechanic is number 22: Tiny Quest. The mechanic would be an entire RPG game the size of a banner advertisement, used to advertise a website.
My criteria was that it had to be both a game and a banner. That is, it's primary purpose was to advertise the website and to be compact and quick loading such that others could put it on their webpage with minimal effort. It was supposed to be a game second - something that you could play that would provide a deep and interesting experience. Small in size only.
Sean's description of how such a game would work is detailed and comprehensive, and the way in which he provides a blue-print for adapting RPG standards (inventory screens, stat screens, turn-based combat) to such a small area is pretty ingenious.

Of course, this is all game design theory. If someone were to create a game like Tiny Quest, however, it would probably be - in terms of pixels displayed on screen -the smallest RPG ever made. Yup: wee-er than any Wii title.

The link again: Mechanic #22: Tiny Quest.

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