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Think you know video games?

Want to learn more about stocks? Not really. You're turning me off.

The premise of simExchange is ingenious, though. It's a fantasy stock market of sorts, but rather than buying stocks you buy games. Your profits depend on how many titles other gamers buy, and so does the worth of each title. Here's what Dusty Gamer had to say about his experiences so far:
I signed up immediately to see how I could do, focusing on the Xbox 360 titles. What’s in it for me? Nothing but bragging rights and satisfaction if I do well. It is fascinating, though. The prices of titles seem to be very well in line with their expectations, for the most part. I could immediately see several as of yet under appreciated titles I could get for cheap, confident in knowing that their price will go up.
According to CNET the simExchange is resulting in some remarkably accurate predictions of video game sales. I wonder if game developers have started to keep tabs on it?

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