From Interplay to Bethesda

Michael Zenke has written a feature on the history of the Fallout series for The Escapist Magazine. Avid fans will notice that his attribution is not quite right: though Black Isle was the development studio for the original Fallout games it was a sub-branch of publisher Interplay.

It doesn't really make sense to refer to the development branch rather than the publisher (Black Isle) and then to the publisher of the current title (Bethesda). As a journalism student I guess I can see how the temptation to pick alliteration over accuracy may have been too strong to ignore. But it does look like someone has hit up Fallout's Wikipedia entry and taken it a little too literally.

If you're hungry for Fallout info it's worth a read. The Escapist also has a piece on first-person-shooter with roleplaying elements S.T.A.L.K.E.R called 'Worlds from the Zone'.

(Spotted on: RPG Watch)

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