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Interested in writing for games? PJ's Attic has released an open source white paper on games and story-telling models. RPGs, story-centric as they are, feature heavily throughout the article. Here's an excerpt from what it has to say about RPG classic Ultima VII: The Black Gate:
Ultima VII: The Black Gate contained a central plot line, with each town having its own subplot as well. A dedicated player could spend incredible amounts of time solving every mystery and clearing every dungeon, while another might focus exclusively on the interactions which lead directly to the end game. The information gathered regarding your companions by taking the more detailed approach led to a deeper understanding of your character's role in the world's history, thus increasing their awareness of the complexity and depth of the plot.
The article also discusses Knights of the Old Republic, World of Warcraft and several non-RPGs (Half Life, for example).

Source: RPG Watch

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