Lionhead fan site interviews Fable 2's Dene Carter

Here's what Carter had to say about the mood of the game:
I think that one of the nice things we did in Fable 1 was there was always kinda a bit of a flip-flop in the story between things that are actually very very dark - things that happened to your family in Fable 1 were quite horrific - and there was a lot of quite silly content as well. I think this time because the graphical fidelity is going to be quite a lot higher, and our characters much more emotional, they’re going to be much more believable, we just don’t, if you look at the graphics themselves, can’t quite get away with things being quite so silly and campy all the time.

I think it’s not so much that we’re actively going for something which is deliberately a lot darker, necessarily events will be no more or less tragic than they were in Fable 1, but our delivery of it is certainly going to seem a lot darker because that sense of, well, that extra level of detail which will make things seem not more realistic, specifically, a lot more - compelling.
Even if you're not so into the Fable series, it's worth it for the facial expressions. Here's my favourite, captured by someone who commented on the story.

Woah. Dude. Calm down.

Those stuck in dial-up land can read a transcript of the interview at the Lionhead fan site.*

*Crazy eyes not included.

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