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Who is Peter Molyneux? The brains behind Fable, and the upcoming Fable 2. You can watch a video of the interview or read the transcript. In it, Peter reflects on the games he has created, their strengths and failings, Fable 2's innovative combat system, NPCs, and Project X.

Here's an interesting quote from the interview, talking about gameplay in Fable 2:
... Fable 1, I think, one of the criticisms which I heard from Fable 1 [fans] which we saw ourselves, you had the hero bit, and the fighting bit, and then you had the simulation bit. And they kind of almost felt like two seperate games. And you’ll find much more that it feels like they’re pulled together. I still quite like the idea that I can take, you know, if I don’t want to go adventuring today I’m not forced to go, there’s not just gameplay in adventuring, there must be gameplay in the simulation. So I quite like the idea that I can control when I’m a hero and when I’m not.
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