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Mass Effect is a Sci-Fi action-RPG under development by BioWare (Jade Empire, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic) exclusively for the XBOX 360. No release date has been announced as yet.

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As one of the first human beings to step onto the galactic stage, you face a grave threat that may destroy all of civilization. Your job is complicated by the fact that no one believes that there is any threat at all. Travel across an expansive universe, exploring the uncharted corners of the galaxy, searching for pieces of the truth in order to discover how to defeat the coming destruction.

  • Explore uncharted worlds: Uncover a mystery that defies imagination as you travel to the far corners of the universe. Visit unexplored planets, finding side quests that unfold parallel to the main story. Discover alien life, new resources, ruined civilizations, and powerful technologies.
  • Fight in real-time: Mass Effect features a real-time, squad-based, tactical combat system. Enjoy intense and exciting third-person action as you face off against your enemies. Engage your foes with ranged weapons, biotic powers, science-based magic, and tech powers, all accompanied by astonishing visuals.
  • Customize your character: Build a stunning, photo-realistic character, expanding your skills and statistics as you progress. Utilize a deep reward system as you travel further afield and discover more about the coming invasion. Change the appearance of your characters with the additions of newly discovered weapons, equipment, and armor to make each one truly unique.
  • Experience the next generation: Mass Effect takes full advantage of Xbox 360 hardware, providing players with photo-realistic high definition graphics, amazingly realistic characters, branching dialogue with A.I. responses, and a massive universe to explore. As the future of gaming continues to expand online, look for premium downloads on Xbox LIVEĀ®. [BioWare]
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Screenshots at IGN, Screenshots at TeamXBOX, Screenshots at The Mass Effect Community, Screenshots at Voodoo Extreme, Screenshots at GameSpy, Screenshots at GameSpot, Screenshots at FiringSquad, Concept Art at GameBanshee, Concept Art at Xboxyde, Concept Art at GWN.

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Added 27th of May: Preview at TeamXBOX, Preview at GameSpy, Preview at IGN, Preview at 1UP.

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