New Fallout 3 concept art

With 13 days to go until the release of the Fallout 3 trailer Bethesda have unveiled a new piece of concept art on the official site's splash page. The setting is a ruined 50s-style strip-mall called Paradise Falls.

Mad Max has always been an inspiration for the Fallout series and its influence is pretty hard to miss here. I stayed in Coober Pedy (the outback South Australian town where Mad Max was shot) in 2004 and it strongly reminds me of the surrounds there.

Coober Pedy's brief popularity with tourists during the 80s was largely due to the release of Mad Max and its dubious status as "Opal capital of the world" (opals have since become unfashionable and are rarely mined). The town seems to have died a slow death since then and is thus more stylistically 80s than 50s, but the ruined metal-work, the red dirt and washed-out colors are all still there.

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