New Mass Effect screens, interview

Its been a good day for those following Mass Effect with the release of four new screenshots and a piece of concept art over at Worthplaying. BioWare co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk have also been interviewed at CVG, just a few days after reps from the website were treated to an eyes-on preview of the game.

Here's a snippet of what Ray Muzyka had to say about the game:
In Mass Effect like in all BioWare games we're focusing on the story, the character and amazing digital actors. We're focusing on making really accessible, fun action combat. We've got exploration, the galaxy map, uncharted worlds and your own rover to drive around in.

There's also customisation options; the way you change yourself, the way you customise your characters at the start of the game and who you bring with you on your travels.

All of those aspects of the game are being developed in parallel. Right from the start they were part of the original vision of the game, so they're not separate elements, they're a unified whole. So we're not building separate parts of the building together, we're sort of chaining them together. You really feel compelled to go from a story area to an exploration area, to combat.

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