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Some interesting roleplaying games analysis from around the web:

PVP and the Honorable Enemy
@ Got Game?
Gaming academic Andrew Phelps discusses honor (or the lack thereof) in World of Warcraft.

Dialoging @ Frog Blast the Vent Core
Suibhne places Mass Effect's cinematic dialogue system beneath his analytical microscope.

MMORPGs Dead; Pheonix Arise! @ Gamers With Jobs
H. P. Lovesauce proclaims MMORPGs dead and charts a map for their resurrection.

Not Good vs. Evil, Please! @ ProjectPerko
Craig Perko argues against morality sliders and large, open-ended gameworlds.

Danger! @ Patsquinade
BioWare developer Patrick Weekes talks Mass Effect, danger, and... S&M?

RPG Mechanics 'n Stuff @ Joshin' Around
Obsidian developer J. E. Sawyer talks about the strange evolution of game-mechanics in RPGs.

The Real Secret to WoW's Success? @ Game Matters
You can get to the top without having to be social, says Scott Miller.

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