Pokemon Battle Revolution: trailer and screens

I realize I've neglected covering Wii roleplaying games, and for that I apologize. Perhaps it's jealousy. I don't own a Wii, thus it's unlikely I'll ever be blessed with the opportunity to play these titles. Perhaps it's bias - a bias against games in which small, made-up animals cause grevious bodily harm to each other in new and inventive ways. Perhaps it's because there just aren't that many RPGs being released for Wii consoles. Who can say?

I've always been a little confused about Pokemon after seeing the movie. The first one, I mean. I thought the message was something along the lines of: all this battling is futile and will never end, let's stop and be happy. But then it turned out it was all a dream and the main characters and pokemon promptly forgot about the wonderful moment of clarity they'd had. And then Bandai made about a hundred more movies/games.

The latest of these is Pokemon Battle Revolution for the Wii, and Worthplaying has some new screens and a trailer of the game from Nintendo's Media Summit 2007. Which was the whole point of the post, and I apologize for the ranting above.

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