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JoWood has announced it will be bringing its Gothic series to consoles. Having split from developers Pirahna Bytes (due to issues with the quality and stability of their development work) it is now searching for a major development studio to bring Gothic 4 to PC and Consoles in future. [Source: Worthplaying]

Gamasutra are offering a 6 page feature on what makes a good player character (and what doesn't). Roleplayers will like this one. [Source: Gamasutra]

Those who play The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on PC might be interested in the new Deadly Reflex mod, which ads new combat moves and the ability to decapitate your enemies. The file is causing a right buzz within the TES community and can be downloaded at 3DGamers [Source: RPG Watch]

The Neverwinter Nights 2 Team Q&A is up at IGN Vault. Jonric quizzes them about their favorite aspects of NWN2 here. [Source: RPG Vault @ IGN]

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