Soccer RPG might be the world's first

Monumental Games is planning to release an MMORPG in which you control, of all things, a soccer player. The game is Football Superstars, and here's what IGN had to say about its premise:
You control a player and develop his or her career, with the chance to advance from a scrub at the lowest level all the way to stardom. To do so, you must train, develop your talent, learn new skills and employ your abilities both on and off the field. If you perform well in matches and elsewhere, your status in the virtual world may even rival Beckham's in the real one.
If you're interested, read RPG Vault's interview with its Creative and Community Director, Steve Marshall.

I think it might just work. Soccer is, after all, the world's most widely followed game. That's a lot of potential buyers.

It's interesting to see how role-playing is ever-increasingly being applied to settings you might never have imagined. It seems more and more developers are realizing the benefits of RPG gameplay.

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