Starcraft Saturday?

Blizzard Entertainment, creators of the massively popular MMORPG World of Warcraft, are set to announce a new title on Saturday. Yesterday, we had hope that this would be an RPG. OK, whatever, maybe I was a little optimistic. Either way, I've been shot down today. GameSpot mounts a convincing argument that this title will be Starcraft 2. Here's the key point they make:
... [S]aid surprise's impact looks set to be diminished somewhat. That's because a countdown identical to the one running on is also running on The page also bears the imprimatur of Blizzard Entertainment, and is registered to the company, according to a Network Solutions WHOIS search. Though Blizzard has owned since 2003, the fact the site is now actively promoting a game--and not merely redirecting to indicative of something in the offing.
I can hear your cries now: but Starcraft isn't an RPG! Well, that's the point kiddies. No new RPGs from Blizzard Entertainment for a while yet, it seems.

Go on, back to World of Warcraft with you.


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