When fans and developers come out to play

Game developers tend to be secretive, isolated beings - at least when they're working on highly anticipated titles. The people behind Fallout 3, however, seem to be breaking with tradition on this point.

The 'Meet The Devs' topic at the Bethesda Softworks forums has entered its ninth incarnation (each incarnation is closed after reaching 200 posts, so we can estimate there's been over a thousand posts so far). In it, fans post questions and the game's developers answer. Of course, they're not giving away anything about Fallout 3, but it is interesting to learn more about the design process, influences, and so on. Even Todd Howard (above), who is producing the title, stopped by the forums to say a few words. Quite a few, actually. Here's a little snippet:
I think I know what it feels like to adopt kids now, because we adopted Fallout and for the last 3 years we have been doing our best to care for it, and now I love it like it had been our child forever; and soon, very soon, we can show him to the world again. I think he’s got something to say, and I think it’s important.
Those of you keeping tabs on Fallout 3 will find the thread an interesting read, but I think it has significance for all gamers. I believe developers can and should engage with fans far more than they do. The 'Meet the Devs' initiative is a little step in the right direction.

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