You know it's true: Charisma is a dump stat

When was the last time you made a character with Charisma as their highest attribute? Never, that's when. Why? Here are a few reasons.
  • It's generally the last attribute to fill in on the character stats screen.
  • Most people aren't quite sure what Charisma is, exactly.
  • Those that do know it's a combination of how likeable your character is, and their looks.
  • It's hard to see how this might be of any assistance at all in the heat of battle. As opposed to, say, strength, which has obvious benefits (read: skull crushing).
  • Your character avatar is likely to be ridiculously good-looking anyway.
  • If it isn't a dump stat, it's likely to be amongst those attributes you leave at 10.
  • I believe these should be referred to as the 'Meh' attributes.
It seems redundant. More often than not, you can choose your character avatar. You might have a crappy Charisma stat, but then your avatar looks like Angelina Jolie or Johnny Depp, so what's the point. If the game is worth its salt then how well your character is liked will depend on how you handle yourself in dialogue.

I think there's a compelling argument to get rid the Charisma attribute all-together.

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