The Agency: you can stop living vicariously through James Bond now

Spies. MMORPGs. Both are awesome. Both have the capacity to kill people. What happens when you combine one with the other? You get The Agency.

The central premise of the game is that you play a spy. You start off as part of your chosen agency (like a guild, I guess) but powerful players will get the opportunity to start their own super-spy organization.

Seems like it's going to have some pretty unusual RPG elements, too:
In The Agency, the clothes make the spy. You don't choose a hard class, per se. You wear outfits -- Combat, Stealth, Support, or Alias (how you'll likely earn sweet James Bondian gadgetry). The more you wear one kit, the more experience you gain. That translates into leveling up, unlocking more skills and gear.
The Agency is coming to the PC and PS3, release date TBA.

[Interested? Read the preview at 1UP.]

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