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When you develop a concept for a website it's difficult to know how it's going to work until you try it out. Thus, I tried out my idea for a blog devoted to role-playing games, and I had a blast doing so. As I've grown more involved in the gaming community, however, I've realized there are a number of sites out there providing a similar service (RPG news and commentary).
My goal in creating a project is to provide something which is not currently provided elsewhere. RPG Blog hasn't been able to achieve that goal. Also, by its nature (being mainly a news site) it needs to be very current in order to have relevance and keep up with the big news aggregators. I'm at university and working part time and have found that this type of blog is taking up more time than I have to spare.

In the last week, as all's been running fallow here, I've been working hard on making my new project available. It's a site called Gamerpunch, and its aim is to make gaming better with tips, hacks, how tos, useful resources, and so on. That is where I will be blogging from now on and I hope to see some of you over there :).

If you want to keep track of RPG and MMORPG news, here are some sites which have helped me immeasurably in creating RPG Blog:

Worthplaying - the best gaming news source
RPG Watch - RPG news site
RPG Dot - RPG news site
MMORPG Dot - MMORPG news site

With those four sites working in tandem you will have your finger firmly on the pulse of the role-playing games industry.

Thanks again and see you around!

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Natasha is a political science student, a gamer, a writer, an armchair philosopher, and a geek. Her first cRPG was Castle of the Winds.

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