Assassin's Creed: look forward to "rpg elements" in November

Via Assassin's Creed is set to arrive on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC this November.
The game is lugging around the 'Action' tag with a few extra elements. CVG asked the game's producer, Jade Raymond, about this last November:
Does the game include RPG elements where you can improve the Assassin's abilities?

Jade Raymond: Yes. One of our designers is a massive RPG fan and one of our goals was to achieve the satisfaction of levelling-up. A lot of really cool rewards spring from our RPG elements. You start out the game as a Master Assassin with all of your abilities, and at the end of the first mission your rank is stripped away. And then you spend the rest of the game completing missions and trying to regain your previous standing with the Assassin clan. The RPG elements are very much tied into the story.
I find it interesting that Ubisoft Montreal has said its aim with Assassin's Creed is to "revolutionize the action genre." How? By adding RPG elements, it seems. There should be a club for all the game developers trying to revolutionize the action genre by adding RPG elements. So they can all join it.

Dry observations aside, I am a sucker for games which offer the promise of compelling sword-fights. I've yet to play one which delivered, but hey, here's to hoping.

Woo Woo.

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