BioShock: technical art director interviewed at GameBanshee

There's a new BioShock interview over at GameBanshee. Refreshingly, this time it's not Ken Levine in the chair. Instead, it's game's technical art director, Nate Wells. It's nice to see one of the developers willing to talk about the game's RPG elements without going on the defensive:
GB: It seems as though BioShock is evolving into more of a FPS than a FPS/RPG hybrid. Does the game still have a role-playing emphasis? If so, can you tell us about some of the RPG elements you're implementing into the game?

Nate: One problem with genre definitions when it comes to games is that they bring with them a lot of preconceived notions about what constitutes a certain game. To us, the real heart of RPG is not numerical-stats and limited inventories but rather the simple principle of allowing the player to experience a game world as they see fit. It’s different for each player… We give the player the ability to define a gameplay style and be free to experiment and modify their role in Rapture.
In fact, he seems to be arguing that BioShock can still be an RPG while being a First Person Shooter. Unheard of! You know, it's good to see that not everyone at Irrational Games is towing the party line.

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