BioShock: previews, box art, hype level to the max

You can view huge high-quality versions of both the Xbox 360 and Games for Windows box art at the Cult of Rapture (though the Games for Windows art is exactly the same as the above box art, except it says, um, Games for Windows).

Irrational Games' creative director Ken Levine has answered reader questions over at 1Up. Here's some of the interview:
At the last GDC, Warren Spector said, "Games are not about their stories...story is just a context for player action and player choice." What are your thoughts on this?

KL: I don't think there's a fair statement, just "Games are not..." or "are..." about something. What makes games awesome is games are what they are, and if you can make it work, that's great. I've never been a guy -- it's funny -- a guy who's known for my story stuff. I've never been a guy who loves story in games like I'm the kind of guy who skips all the cut-scenes and I really try to make our storytelling as direct and as concise as possible. BioShock doesn't have long cut-scenes; BioShock doesn't have long periods where the player's not interactive. That's just not the way we do it, and so, I dig it on that side. I also think it's important to give the player a sense of purpose and a sense of context for what he's doing and I think a lot of the BioShock storytelling is [done] just by looking around the world.

Hooked Gamers has its own preview of the game, and they're not the first to express some quiet reservations. Coverage has been positive, but it seems as if the level of hype among fans isn't quite matched by those who've been able to preview the game.

I think Ken Levine saying "I've never been a guy who loves story in games," is food for thought. I'm not saying I think BioShock is going to fall below expectations, but I'd hesitate to treat a game like a masterpiece before it has even been released.

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