City of Heroes/Villains: new world event

In Issue 10 of City of Heroes/Villains, the Rikti have returned in vast numbers. It falls to the gifted denizens of Paragon City to band together and deal with this threat.
The first missions in the Rikti War Zone are for characters level 35+. The characters meet a new contact, Levantera, who introduces them to the U.N. security force, Vanguard. They’ll also meet Borea, who sends them on several repeatable missions in the zone. From there, characters meet contact Serpent Drummer, Gaussian, and also talk to the Dark Watcher and learn one of the darkest secrets of Paragon City.

The Rikti Co-Op Task Force is available for both Heroes and Villains. It is for 6 to 8 players, level 45 – 50. The mission is given out by Lady Grey, leader of the Vanguard. Co-operative missions create a new layer of depth and story as heroes and villains work toward a common goal.
Worthplaying has seven images of the invasion and further details concerning the circumstances of the attack. Heroes, it's time to put your underpants outside your lycra and rise to the challenge.

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