Gamecrafts: Big Daddy

Elizabeth at BioShock sub-site Cult of Rapture is showing off her hand-painted Big Daddy figurine, pictured above. No details on how we can get our hands on one yet, but it sure looks preedy.

While we're on the topic of BioShock, here are all the previews so far, plus a new gameplay video at GameSpot.Feast your eyes on a new four-and-a-half minute BioShock gameplay video at GameSpot.

As promised, here's a list of all the BioShock previews so far, peeled directly off the Cult of Rapture site. Actually, that's not all of them. Where's the Gamers With Jobs preview, eh?

GameSpot's Hands-On
Shacknews Hands-On Preview

Eurogamer First Impressions

Computer and Video Game Preview

IGN's BioShock Hands-On

Team Xbox BioShock Preview

1Up's BioShock Preview

Game Arena's BioShock Event Report

Eurogamer Interview: Big Daddy Speaks

GameDaily Preview

Game Arena: Ten Questions with BioShock's Ken Levine

MPC Atomic's BioShock Preview
Gametrailers On Location Video Preview at BioShock Press Event
Gametrailers Water Effects and Enemies Video Interview

Gamespy’s BioShock Preview

Hands-On Gamepro Preview

Worthplaying’s Preview of BioShock

Gamesradar: A Nightmare You Don’t Want To End

Firingsquad’s BioShock Preview

Under Ground Online’s Hands-On

Gamespy debriefing podcast, including some talk about BioShock

Non-English Previews
Multiplayer's Italian Preview
MeriStation's Spanish Preview
Gry Online's Polish Preview
Xbox 360 Only Dutch Hands-on
InsideGamer Dutch Preview
Gamersnet Dutch Preview
Gamert Dutch Hands-On

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