Hellgate: London: huge pre-alpha preview

Flux over at IncGamer's Hellgate: London portal attended this year's HGL Community Day and returned with lots of neat images and much to say about the game. Many thousands of words, in fact.

The preview is in four parts and incredibly detailed, so much so that casual observers of the game's progress might be intimidated. Those of you who're eagerly awaiting this title will probably read the whole thing and love it. Those who aren't willing to commit to such a big read might prefer to read a summary of Flux's impression of the game:

  • He constantly compares it to Diablo II, meaning it probably plays a bit like a first-person version of that game, except set in the future. With demons and guns.
  • Though he does emphasise that it's not as much of a slaughter-fest as Diablo II.
  • The graphics are awesome, the sound effects are good, the music is just OK.
Interested? Read Flux's Mega Preview.

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