Jeanne d'Arc: too vengeful to write headline

Joan of Arc: thought she communicated with saints, convinced the King that she did, led the french military, wore men's clothing, fought in battle, cut her hair short, turned the tide of the war against the English, was imprisoned and burnt at the stake for witchery. Cue multiple films of varying quality - 37, in fact.

Joan's now been given a new lease on life with (dubious) thanks to Level 5, who're developing Jeanne d'Arc for the PSP. The game will be a strategy RPG.

The developers spoke to Siliconera about the game. The article goes something like, yadda yadda yadda, until this point:
Jeanne d’Arc is inspired by the story of Joan of Arc, and as such, it is a mix of both history and fantasy. This story takes place in France during the Hundred Years’ War, where Jeanne receives an oracle to drive the English out of her homeland. She rallies the French troops to fight the English and free the occupied cities, and tries to have The Dauphin, Prince Charles VII, crowned as the rightful ruler of France. On top of this history, we’ve added fantasy elements such as “The War of the Reapers”, a great battle fought between man and demons. Since the ending of Jeanne’s life is very well known, we wanted to surprise the players by making some changes to the ending as well.
I've always found the story of Joan of Arc both inspiring, amazing, and tragic, and to me, this is like saying "Hey, we're going to make a game about Alexander the Great, except in our version, the Persians are actually goblins. And he ends up marrying Angelina Jolie, ya know, just to mix things up a bit."

And what the hell is with the character art? She looks like an eight year old who likes to play with Barbies, not a nineteen year old who likes to stab people in the kidney.

Totally boycotted from my imaginary PSP.

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