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I think I've finally worked out what an Action-RPG is. I mean, the term's not exactly self-explanatory.

What does that make all other RPGs then? Role-playing games without any action?

The conclusion I've come to is that they're role-playing games in 3rd person POV with lots of (non-turn based) fighting. This puts me at ease. It's quite distressing to have at least 14 Action-RPGs announced each day, and not to know, exactly, what an Action-RPG is.

The latest genre offering is Avencast: Rise of the Mage, and three developers from ClockStone spoke to RPG Vault about the game's selling points. When I say 'spoke', I mean 'e-mailed'. With a PR guy standing over their shoulder. The answers, coupled with penetrating questions and commentary from the interviewer, make for an informative read. From the introduction:
ClockStone tells us about enemies, magic, items, quests and various other elements of its upcoming action RPG.
This tells us straight away that Avencast will have enemies, magic, items and quests. This is all pretty exciting as I love it when RPGs do that stuff.
Jonric: How are you treating weapons, armor and items in general? Should we expect a lot to find and collect?

Michael Schiestl:
Treasure looting, as players might expect from Diablo and the like, will also play an important role in Avencast. There will be plenty of equipment to find in the world, including rare, magically enhanced and unique items.
This is great. This sets Avencast apart from all the other RPGs in which finding equipment and loot was not featured.

The second page gets more intimate and personal: the questions we really want to ask the developers, the answers we crave. "What's your favorite color?" followed by "What's your favorite band/group?", both answered with heart-warming honesty.

You come looking for information on Avencast, you leave knowing that Matthias Hilke likes "everything except R&B." It's no small wonder that IGN is a gaming media behemoth.

[Avencast: Rise of the Mage interview @ RPG Vault]

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